Centro per l’Eccellenza e gli Studi Transdisciplinari

Einaudi Research Centre– Via Michele Ponza 4/E


26 February – 10 May 2016

School of Liberalism

A series of lectures on the liberal thought

Einaudi Research Centre– Via Michele Ponza 4/E

CEST, in collaboration with Neos and the sponsorship of the Einaudi Foundation in Rome and the “Luigi Einaudi” Research Centre in Turin, is organising the Turin edition of the School of Liberalism 2016. The School of Liberalism offers a series of lessons on the themes of liberalism at the crossroads of various perspectives: law, economics and philosophy.

The School boasts a long tradition throughout the country (more than 100 editions) and, for ten years locally, is also active at Turin. This edition, in particular, proposes to rethink the School specifically for university students, giving a strong academic connotation to emphasize the educational content of the meetings.

All the meetings will take place at the Einaudi Research Centre (via Ponza 4E) from 5.00 pm to 7.00 pm. For information and to sign up: [email protected].

Friday 26/2 IRENE TINAGLI. Civil partnerships. A more open Italy
Tuesday 1/3 PIERGIORGIO DONATELLI.  The strength of liberty: the body, sex, and bioethical questions.
Friday 4/3 PAOLO HERITIER & MASSIMO BALDI. Liberal democracies or post-totalitarian societies?
Tuesday 8/3 ALESSANDRO DE NICOLA. Why Adam Smith is important to your life.
Wednesday 9/3 LUCA RICOLFI. The enigma of growth.
Friday 11/3 ANDREA MINUZ. Il gusto di Stato. The film of cultural interest in Italian cinema.
Tuesday 15/3 LUIGI MARCO BASSANI. The liberal labyrinth, from the polis to the State.
Friday 18/3 EUGENIO SOMAINI. Common goods beyond commonplaces.
Tuesday 22/3 MARCO PONTI. The absolute authority of the Prince. Wastage and misuse in the transport sector.
Tuesday 5/4 GIORGIO ARFARS. Is it really all the fault of neoliberalism?
Friday 8/4 ELSA FORNERO. Labour and pension reforms in an intergenerational perspective.
Tuesday 12/4 FRANCO DE BENEDETTI. On industrial policy.
Friday 15/4 RICCARDO DE CARIA. Rule of law or law without the State? the ‘liberal’ visions of law between Bastiat, Hayek and Leoni.
Tuesday 19/4 ANNA CAFFARENA. The liberal international order: evolution, transformation or crisis?
Friday 22/4 FRANCO CHIARENZA. The State, power and means of mass communication.
Tuesday SERENA SILEONI. State and market. Which utopia?
Friday 29/4 BEATRICE MAGNI. Political conflict, moral consensus: comparison of arguments.
Tuesday 10/5 Concluding lesson: CARLO COTTARELLI. The shopping list.

In partnership with Einaudi Centre (Turin), Einaudi Foundation (Rome), NEOS


Giorgio Arfaras

He worked until 2007 in industry and finance: first at Pirelli, then at Prime, and finally at Credit Suisse (Italy). Since 2009 he has been Director of ‘Economic Literature’ at the Einaudi Research Centre.

Massimo Baldi

He works in the world of finance; he studied Economics at the University of Turin and at the London School of Economics.

Anna Caffarena

Associate Professor of International Relations at the University of Turin, she is a founding member and President of T.wai – Turin World Affairs Institute, an institute for research into and promotion of international culture. She was an external referee for the European Research Council (ERC).

Franco Chiarenza

He worked at RAI until 1994, undertaking managerial and journalistic tasks. He taught History of Communications at the Sapienza University in Rome, at LUISS and at the University of Malta.

Carlo Cottarelli

He studied at the University of Siena and the at London School of Economics. He has worked at the Bank of Italy and ENI and, from 1988, at the International Monetary Fund, of which he is presently Executive Director. In 2013, he was elected Commissioner for the Spending Review of the Letta government, an office from which he resigned the following year.

Alessandro De Nicola

He is a lawyer, a Lecturer at the Bocconi University, and President of the Adam Smith Society.

Piergiorgio Donatelli

Elsa Fornero

Professor of Political Economics at the University of Turin and Honorary Fellow of the Collegio Carlo Alberto. She was Minister of Employment in the Monti government.

Paolo Heritier

Associate Professor of Philosophy of Law at the University of Turin, he also teaches Legal and Philosophical Anthropology. Among his areas of research are: forensic neuroscience, aesthetics and legal epistemology, the theory of networks and complexity, systematic and liturgical theology and legislation. Among his publications are: Ordine spontaneo ed evoluzione nel pensiero di Hayek (Jovene, 1997), Società post-hitleriane? (Giappichelli, 2009), Estetica giuridica (Giappichelli, 2012) and La dignità disabile (EDB, 2014).

Beatrice Magni

Assistant Professor at the Department of Social and Political Science at the University of Milan, she teaches Political Philosophy, Bioethics, and Theory of Equality and Rights. She collaborates with the Einaudi Research Centre, where she co-ordinates the Public Philosophy section of the LPF project and directs the Laboratory of Bioethics.

Luigi Marco Bassani

Associate Professor of History and Political Doctrine at the University of Milan.

Andrea Minuz

Assistant Professor of Cinema, Photography and Television at the Sapienza University of Rome, he collaborates with Il Foglio and Il24, the magazine of Il Sole 24 Ore.  

Marco Ponti

Professor of Applied Economics at the University of Milan, he is the co-author of the volume L’arbitrio del Principe. Sperperi e abusi del settore dei trasporti. Che fare? (IBL Libri, 2015).

Luca Ricolfi

Sociologist, Professor of Psychometrics at the University of Turin, he collaborates with La Stampa and Panorama.  

Eugenio Somaini

Formerly Professor of Political Economics at the University of Parma, he is editor of the volume I beni comuni oltre i luoghi comuni (IBL Libri, 2015)  

Irene Tinagli

Deputy since 2003. She was Assistant Professor at the Charles III University in Madrid.


Francesco Beraldi

Student of the University of Turin and allievo at Collegio Carlo Alberto.

Alessandro Campo

Doctoral student of Rights, Institutions and the Market at the University of Turin

Matteo Ciccarelli

Student of Philosophy at the University of Pisa and of the Scuola Normale Superiore.

Ornella Darova

Student of Economics and Statistics at the University of Turin, and at the Collegio Carlo Alberto.

Ivan Lagrosa

Student at Bocconi University and member of CEST.

Alberto Martinengo

Alberto Martinengo is Research Fellow at the University of Turin and Scientific Director of CEST.

Tommaso Portaluri

Student of Economics and Statistics at the University of Turin and the Collegio Carlo Alberto, he is the President of CEST.

Einaudi Research Centre– Via Michele Ponza 4/E