Centro per l’Eccellenza e gli Studi Transdisciplinari

Circolo dei Lettori, Sala Grande | Via Bogino 9, Turin


Friday 21 November 2014

Beyond the confines of democracy

Power, the individual, anarchy

Circolo dei Lettori, Sala Grande | Via Bogino 9, Turin

Friday 21 November 2014, at the Circolo dei Lettori, there will be a public meeting on the relationship between the individual, democracy and anarchy. Taking its cue from two cult films, Matrix and Cloud Atlas, the meeting will invite a discussion on anarchy and the rôle of the political activity of the individual in contemporary post-democracies. Enlivening the evening will be Flavia Monceri, political philosopher, author of the volume Anarchici: “Matrix”, “Cloud Atlas” (ETS, 2014), and Paolo Heritier, philosopher of law. Presenting the meeting will be Daniele Gorgone, of the collective “La Boétie”.

This will be the second meeting of the series #FuturiPossibili, a review that aims to reflect on the new forms of social marginalisation.


Paolo Heritier

Associate Professor of Philosophy of Law at the University of Turin, he also teaches Legal and Philosophical Anthropology. Among his areas of research are: forensic neuroscience, aesthetics and legal epistemology, the theory of networks and complexity, systematic and liturgical theology and legislation. Among his publications are: Ordine spontaneo ed evoluzione nel pensiero di Hayek (Jovene, 1997), Società post-hitleriane? (Giappichelli, 2009), Estetica giuridica (Giappichelli, 2012) and La dignità disabile (EDB, 2014).

Flavia Monceri

Associate Professor of Political Philosophy at the University of Molise, she also teaches Philosophy of Social Sciences and Communication. Among other things, she investigates queer and transgender theories, studies on ‘disability’, intercultural communication, philosophy of film, complexity theory, and post-anarchy


Daniele Gorgone

Doctoral student in Philosophy at the University of Turin.

Circolo dei Lettori, Sala Grande | Via Bogino 9, Turin