Centro per l’Eccellenza e gli Studi Transdisciplinari

Room D, Palazza Maldura | Piazzetta Folena 1, Padova


Friday 15 September 2017, 2:30 pm

Justice and fiction

Justice and its representation in the media

Room D, Palazza Maldura | Piazzetta Folena 1, Padova

In recent years, an increasing number of trials has left the courtrooms to become also, and to a certain extent mainly, trails by media.

Besides the theme of the narrative representation of justice, there is also, although less discussed and analyzed, that of the role of narration in justice. In other words, not simply how justice is represented by writers, but how those who practice it represent themselves and are, thus, represented in the public discourse, and how this (self)representation influences the outcome of the trials.

We will discuss this topic with Vittorio Pezzuto, journalist and author of the recent “Marta Russo. Di sicuro c’è solo che è morta”, Guido Vitiello, journalist and researcher in Sociology at La Sapienza University in Rome, and Alessandra Diazzi, lecturer of Modern and Contemporary Italian Literature and Culture at the University of Manchester. The debate will be introduced by Marco Malvestio, PhD student in Comparative literature at the University of Padova and member of CEST.


Alessandra Diazzi

Lecturer in Italian Studies at the University of Manchester.

Vittorio Pezzuto

Journalist and author of the book “Marta Russo. Di sicuro c’è solo che è morta” (2017)

Guido Vitiello

Assistant Professor of Sociology of Cultural and Communicative Processes at the Sapienza University of Rome. He writes in Il Foglio and Internazionale.


Marco Malvestio

PhD Student in Comparitive Literature at the University of Padua & member of CEST.

Room D, Palazza Maldura | Piazzetta Folena 1, Padova