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Circolo dei Lettori, Sala Grande | Via Bogino 9, Turin


Wednesday 25 February 2015, 2:30 pm

Meeting with Amélie Nothomb

Amélie Nothomb at the Circolo dei Lettori

Circolo dei Lettori, Sala Grande | Via Bogino 9, Turin

February is, as usual, the month of Amélie Nothomb who returns to bookshops with her 23rd novel entitled Pétronille, published by Voland: it is an entirely feminine story of friendship and champagne. To present it, Wednesday 25 February at 2.30 pm at the Circolo dei Lettori, the author will be in a dialogue of three voices with the journalist Farian Sabahi and the actress Lella Costa. The event is organised by CEST in collaboration with the Circolo dei Lettori and the publishing house Voland.

Amélie has one desire: to find a drinking partner. No small thing given that there doesn’t seem to be anyone in all of France who knows how to appreciate a good champagne. No one, except Pétronille, a mysterious novice author who turns out to be more than a pen pal.

Pétronille is the story of a friendship and a passion. The friendship is that of two authors, one already acclaimed and idolised by the public, the other brilliant but a novice at the beginning of the story: Amélie Nothomb and Pétronille Fanto. The tale deals with the most bizarre periods of this uncommon bond that takes form and substance amidst books, bookshops, literature and unforgettable drinking sessions. Indeed, as well as writing, the two women are united by their common passion for champagne. It is a book about France, the pleasure of inebriation, and female friendship, that can be experienced above all by being in the midst of people.

In partnership with il Circolo dei Lettori


Amélie Nothomb

Amélie Nothomb, born in 1967 at Kobe, Japan, spent her childhood and youth in various lands of Asia and America, following her diplomat father in his changes of post. Her first book, Hygiène de l’assassin came out in 1992 and immediately won her many readers; since then she has published a book a year. She has been awarded many literary recognitions, among which are the Grand Prix du roman of the Académie Française and the Prix Internet du Livre. Today she lives between Paris and Brussels.


Lella Costa

Actress and writer

Farian Sabahi

Journalist and writer specialising in the Middle East, with particular attention to gender questions

Circolo dei Lettori, Sala Grande | Via Bogino 9, Turin