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il Circolo dei Lettori, Sala Grande | Via Bogino 9, Torino


Tuesday 26th of March 2015

Rethinking death

The end of life and personal identity

il Circolo dei Lettori, Sala Grande | Via Bogino 9, Torino

Two philosophers debate on the theme of the end of life: Piergiorgio Donatelli (Sapienza University of Rome) and Maurizio Mori (University of Turin) in discussion at the Circolo dei Lettori (Via Bogino 9). With them, the voices of three young discussants: Daniele Gorgone (doctoral student, University of Turin), Alberto Martinengo (Assistant Professor, University of Milan) and Elena Nave (doctoral student, University of Turin).

Euthanasia, a good death and personal dignity will be examined with the instruments of moral philosophy, outside the suffocating dualism between secularism and religious faith. Instead of reintroducing the conflict between believers and non-believers, a more complex perspective will be explored that brings into play a reflection on what we are: our identity is also established by confronting death and the idea we have of it.

The event is funded by the Student Council of the University of Turin in the framework of the Biennale Democrazia.


Piergiorgio Donatelli

Maurizio Mori

He is Professor of Bioethics at the University of Turin. He is a founding member and President of the Advisory Council of Bioethics ‘Onlus’, a voluntary cultural association aiming at the promotion of bioethics in a secular perspective. He is the editor of Bioetica. Rivista interdisciplinare (published by Vicolo del Pavone) that for over 20 years has followed the bioethical debate in Italy. He has published seven volumes and over three hundred scientific articles in the major Italian and foreign journals.


Daniele Gorgone

Doctoral student in Philosophy at the University of Turin.

Alberto Martinengo

Alberto Martinengo is Research Fellow at the University of Turin and Scientific Director of CEST.

Elena Nave

She is a PhD and a scholar working on Bioethics

il Circolo dei Lettori, Sala Grande | Via Bogino 9, Torino