Centro per l’Eccellenza e gli Studi Transdisciplinari

Sala Grande, il Circolo dei Lettori | Via Bogino 9, Turin


Thursday 30 March 2017, 11.30 am

Skill mismatch

Education and the labour market

Sala Grande, il Circolo dei Lettori | Via Bogino 9, Turin

Inefficiency in allocating labour resources takes many forms, among which skills mismatch is prominent: the employment of a percentage of workers in jobs that require different skills than those they have, with negative repercussions on labour productivity. This has a close relationship with job insecurity which often pertains to the younger generations, who have fewer employment training opportunities and therefore are more exposed to the phenomenon. The event will also take into consideration the theme of social mobility, between training and the labour market.


Valentino Larcinese

Valentino Larcinese is Professor of Public Policy at the London School of Economics. He is a graduate in Economics and Social Sciences at the Bocconi University in Milan and gained his PhD at LSE. Over the years, he has worked at the Bank of Italy and taught in various universities around the world – including Bocconi (Milan), MIT (Cambridge, Mass.), Sciences Po (Paris) and Tor Vergata (Rome). His research interests have to do with political economics, the training sector and redistribution.

Paola Monti

Paola Monti is Research Coordinator at the Rodolfo DeBenedetti Foundation. She studied at University College London and the Bocconi University of Milan. Her research interests cover the labour market, the evaluation of assistance programmes and migratory phenomena; over the years she has participated in national and international research programmes funded by third parties.

Michele Pellizzari

Michele Pellizzari is Professor of Economics at the University of Geneva. Previously he worked as an economist at the OECD, in Paris, and as Assistant Professor at the Bocconi University in Milan. He is also a member of many socio-economic research institutes, including the CEPR in London and the IZA in Bonn. His principle research areas are the labour market and microeconomics.


Ivan Lagrosa

Ivan Lagrosa is a Master’s student in Economic and Social Sciences at the Bocconi University in Milan. He was awarded his degree in Economics and Business at the University of Turin and the Honors Programme of the Collegio Carlo Alberto. Over the years he has collaborated with, among others, the newspaper La Stampa and with Quadrante Futuro, the journal of the Einaudi Research Centre, where he worked on themes tied to the labour market. He is also Director of the Economics section for the online magazine NEOS.

Sala Grande, il Circolo dei Lettori | Via Bogino 9, Turin